Accounting Bookkeeping Services for small businesses in Northumberland

Elite offers quality accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium businesses in and around Northumberland.

We can cater for:

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services:

Do you know your profit or loss for the 3 months of your VAT quarter?

Does your accountant/bookkeeper do your VAT using a computerised accounts package?

If the answer is no the chances are that you won't know how the business is truly performing until after the year-end has passed. Often this is too late to make important management decisions. At Elite Bookkeeping Services once we are happy that all relevant information has been processed we can provide you with a 3 months Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet to give you an indication of the performance of your business. Over the course of the year this will build into full year accounts, providing your accountant with a set of draft accounts to work on reducing their billing time substantially.

The result of a quality bookkeeper to clients will result in lower accountancy bills and up to date accounts information, which is essential in today's financial market. Up to date bookkeeping using the computerised programme Sage will mean that any clients needing management accounts for, banks or finance companies, will have the backbone of the accounts in place with only the need of a few adjustments to finalise management accounts.

Collection and return of books and records is available for a small charge.